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Stop this!

This is isn’t a usual funny blog, this particular request really made me think and research about it and the findings turn out to be

This is just for the year 2020….the list is long enough to make the animal population in India or world to go extinct in a couple of years! Now this is where we fail to be humans.Here are some pictures to enlighten you!

The most familiar and known to all incident, most of the information spread about the incident was fake but the incident had the media attention because of the celebrity posts and memes on Kerala’s inefficiency! The actual pictures of the incident would make atleast some of you to rethink on kindness!

Now, there are many sections and court laws regarding similar incidents! but these days its difficult to bring out the injustice done to them to public’s attention. I’m not an expert or a zoophilist but what made me write this is that one thought about animals and their needs!

I’m not cat person nor am I a dog person but what I do know is that it’s time for us to show some love to the neglected one’s. Desperate times need desperate solutions!

Hope this blog helped you!

Thank you for your time!

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