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To all my colorful people(f.r.i.e.n.d.s)

This is one of my “most asked for” blog… writing this with full dedication! Now almost people have lost the importance of the most feared word “COVID_19” . As the name suggests this blog is about people who know me and vice versa! So beginning with meeting my peeps…. it has been like…

It is like these two hands…!and during this period I’ve had many colorful experiences with some of my colorful people…(no offense guys;) this is such a frustrated time! that even I myself as a teenager wake up everyday with the fear of losing one of my friends day by day!

This is the time that has taught me lot….like how to live without momos(hain kaha re tu….!),how to cook shudh desi food,how to watch the new age cringy cartoons with your sibling n many more.

The thing is that whatever you do or your upset, talk to a person.Instead of texting a person,calling and expressing yourself is much better!cuz when you text people in a hurry of just texting you just lose some of the most important people bcoz of some misunderstanding(feels like I’m talking to myself) So, if you have something to tell a person talk to them face to face or just call! the best option is to share it with your parents! that’s okay if you can’t just tell someone n let it out. relax!

Hope this blog helped you 🙂

dm me for more requests on ig @alienlysane._


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