Just think about it!

Today no talking about qua… ran… tine…….! (You’re minds just read it in slow motion) ig!

So, recently my senior just got finished with her boards and looks like she was confused about what to do…. (Hey sandy!) Here’s the thing I never knew that I could give people suggestions or uk “career guidance” (Even though coincidentally) until she asked me!

You never know what’s in you unless you dig deep in yourself! Capture, Analyse, motivate yourselves! Even though you flung down in your tests doesn’t mean it’s over… After getting results analyse where you went wrong! Capture the things you wanna do to improve yourself! And then motivate!

Now I’m not saying that everyone can do this completely and successfully(me too) but before you quit, Think.. Think about it…If you really wanna do it even though you lose… There’s nothing you gonna lose in trying!

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