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I’ve lost the day count of this trapped life…..Supplies have dwindled…..I’ve no clue whether its day or night…….No chance of survival….it’s all dark….It’s been days since I’ve met people….(except my family and cringey neighbours no pun intended ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok..that was just too much of drama….guys i was just kidding…i love everybody….It’s just that I wanted a cliche intro… it’s been like idk how many days anyways, all i know is that “maro ya na maro par exam jaroor pass ho jao yaar……” or else you know the the action sequences that are gonna make a box office hits at our houses….!

I have been busy these many days that i just forgot that I had a blog page for myself…(I’m sorry!) So what i wanted to say in this blog is that … people whatever happens just don’t give up on yourself, try to become a Phoenix and not a donkey…

I know these are difficult times…everybody is going through different phases and some are depression, anxiety, anger, break ups…! It’s just that we have never been this way at our houses….Locked..! If we’ve overcome many other things this too shall pass…all we need is a lil Patience.Try living your life to it’s simplest these days…and to it’s fullest by following your passions…be it anything …so that’s all for today

Thank you for reading my blog….hoping to see you again!


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