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Maharashtra:A South Indian review

Hey guys, so this blog is all about me and all the mallu’s in this amazing state of Maharashtra.So, as my today’s topic suggests this topic is a south indian review or you can say the struggles of a south indian person in Maharashtra………!

First things first, It is the food! people who come as students,guests and people who come for jobs from Kerala to Maharashtra always and always before searching a place to sleep will search for a place with good Kerala food…..and that’s one of Kerala’s attraction!

Up next comes the language!..Well, there’s always a misconception, that mallu’s can’t speak English or they have that slang which draws them back!Well you must hear some of the speeches by Shashi Tharoor,”Suresh Gopi”(no pun intended)… before you categorize everyone in that group think twice.!

Next is the prejudiced thought of people about the mixing up of languages like Tamil,Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam are one and the same…….!My dear friend it is NOT! There is a difference between every language…!So next time when a person says he’s from Kerala please don’t say “Oh! Tamil is your language, right?”

I know this is the worst time now to talk about Kerala….But before you criticize a Malayali think about the bright side too, Just because of one mistake by a person who lives in Kerala, please this is a humble request do not consider everyone in the same category…

thank you


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