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Friends during Quarantine!

It has now been 68 days since people are locked in their houses…….people are trying to connect to each other through various means….Some extraordinarily clever people roam about on the roads, Not scared of the great Pandemic until it hits them HARD….! But for introverts like some of my friends this is a vacation!, While this time for me is pathetic,tragic….(all the words that explain miserable and boredom)don’t know how to explain it!

I recently read a blog which said”I wish I can meet you but this virus makes this DISTANCE between us”, This would be the same situation with you’ll too……..You never get the vibe of being around with your #BFF’s when your with someone else..Quarantine has created the interest in people to not only talk to their daily 9-5 buddies but also has given them time to think about some lost connections and renew them….

The phase we’re all going through has made us talk to each other face to face……Have actual n real pep talks with ourselves and if you’ve still not experienced this….It’s right time now…!Trust me guys it’s a lot more better than you think.If you’re a person seeking you’re own company well, You don’t wanna spend this once in a life time opportunity “Alone”(no pun intended).

Enjoy your day……!Thank you for your valuable time!


3 thoughts on “Friends during Quarantine!

  1. Good thought for these time.
    Lockdown is a radical change that has brought to our life situation
    Yet there are various ways to look at it
    Lockdown speaks a lot to us


    1. It’s great that you are letting your thoughts and your talent out of your brains 😁 your are really good blogger keep it going

      Liked by 1 person

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