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Quarantine’s got talent

Hi,My name is Aleena and this is probably my first blog ever.Well,maybe some of you’ll might think that this is just another blog with the same boring topics, But even I’ve got to admit it ,sometimes even I feel the same.But I’ve started this blog out of my passion and love for writing,and yes some of the credit also goes to quarantine……!

So, as you’ll have seen my topic for today’s blog it is all about quarantine and how quarantine has made an impact on people,don’t worry…! it wont be as boring as it seems.So let’s start with our first topic QUARANTINE’S got talent…

People all around the world are now locked in their own houses and hence the term lockdown is now pinned on to all the people in today’s world.As people have nothing to do people have started taken efforts to display their hidden talent through various social media platforms like Youtube, TikTok (no pun intended)……..

It is said that the human body releases endorphins(happy hormones) by listening to music, and some apps like Smule, Starmaker have just encouraged people to present people in their own media platforms like these create an urge during these days in people to try new things…and not only music but many other activities like dancing,cooking,etc

So through my first blog i would like say to all of my readers, Whatever your passion was or is renew them and don’t just make this a Quarantine…. but make it “quarantine’s got talent”.


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