Lockdown Masterchef….?

Okay, so this one’s gonna be on people like me with amazing cooking skills…..! (a little pun intended) So as I said in my last blog just like others even I have started experimenting on my unexplored talents and today, yes! cooking it is……..!and for a naive blogger like me I would love to share the disasters in my kitchen with you, my dear readers………!

So looking at this picture you’ll feel that this is my masterpiece…,but no it’s not…Guys,seriously?…this obviously can’t be mine…(for reality scrolldown)

And as you’ll saw my beautiful creation,I’m sure many of you guys out there will be with me on my same boat……Let’s all make use of these days…Me too! and yes, after this lockdown ends, Guys please don’t start complaining that you’ll miss those quarantine days…because some extroverts like me just could’nt take it….!


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