I’ve lost the day count of this trapped life…..Supplies have dwindled…..I’ve no clue whether its day or night…….No chance of survival….it’s all dark….It’s been days since I’ve met people….(except my family and cringey neighbours no pun intended 🙂

Ok..that was just too much of drama….guys i was just kidding…i love everybody….It’s just that I wanted a cliche intro…..so it’s been like idk how many days anyways, all i know is that “maro ya na maro par exam jaroor pass ho jao yaar……” or else you know the the action sequences that are gonna make a box office hits at our houses….!

I have been busy these many days that i just forgot that I had a blog page for myself…(I’m sorry!) So what i wanted to say in this blog is that … people whatever happens just don’t give up on yourself, try to become a Phoenix and not a donkey…

I know these are difficult times…everybody is going through different phases and some are depression, anxiety, anger, break ups…! It’s just that we have never been this way at our houses….Locked..! If we’ve overcome many other things this too shall pass…all we need is a lil Patience.Try living your life to it’s simplest these days…and to it’s fullest by following your passions…be it anything …so that’s all for today

Thank you for reading my blog….hoping to see you again!

Maharashtra:A South Indian review

Hey guys, so this blog is all about me and all the mallu’s in this amazing state of Maharashtra.So, as my today’s topic suggests this topic is a south indian review or you can say the struggles of a south indian person in Maharashtra………!

First things first, It is the food! people who come as students,guests and people who come for jobs from Kerala to Maharashtra always and always before searching a place to sleep will search for a place with good Kerala food…..and that’s one of Kerala’s attraction!

Up next comes the language!..Well, there’s always a misconception, that mallu’s can’t speak English or they have that slang which draws them back!Well you must hear some of the speeches by Shashi Tharoor,”Suresh Gopi”(no pun intended)…..so before you categorize everyone in that group think twice.!

Next is the prejudiced thought of people about the mixing up of languages like Tamil,Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam are one and the same…….!My dear friend it is NOT! There is a difference between every language…!So next time when a person says he’s from Kerala please don’t say “Oh! Tamil is your language, right?”

I know this is the worst time now to talk about Kerala….But before you criticize a Malayali think about the bright side too, Just because of one mistake by a person who lives in Kerala, please this is a humble request do not consider everyone in the same category…

thank you

Friends during Quarantine!

It has now been 68 days since people are locked in their houses…….people are trying to connect to each other through various means….Some extraordinarily clever people roam about on the roads, Not scared of the great Pandemic until it hits them HARD….! But for introverts like some of my friends this is a vacation!, While this time for me is pathetic,tragic….(all the words that explain miserable and boredom)don’t know how to explain it!

I recently read a blog which said”I wish I can meet you but this virus makes this DISTANCE between us”, This would be the same situation with you’ll too……..You never get the vibe of being around with your #BFF’s when your with someone else..Quarantine has created the interest in people to not only talk to their daily 9-5 buddies but also has given them time to think about some lost connections and renew them….

The phase we’re all going through has made us talk to each other face to face……Have actual n real pep talks with ourselves and if you’ve still not experienced this….It’s right time now…!Trust me guys it’s a lot more better than you think.If you’re a person seeking you’re own company well, You don’t wanna spend this once in a life time opportunity “Alone”(no pun intended).

Enjoy your day……!Thank you for your valuable time!

Lockdown Masterchef….?

Okay, so this one’s gonna be on people like me with amazing cooking skills…..! (a little pun intended) So as I said in my last blog just like others even I have started experimenting on my unexplored talents and today, yes! cooking it is……..!and for a naive blogger like me I would love to share the disasters in my kitchen with you, my dear readers………!

So looking at this picture you’ll feel that this is my masterpiece…,but no it’s not…Guys,seriously?…this obviously can’t be mine…(for reality scrolldown)

And as you’ll saw my beautiful creation,I’m sure many of you guys out there will be with me on my same boat……Let’s all make use of these days…Me too! and yes, after this lockdown ends, Guys please don’t start complaining that you’ll miss those quarantine days…because some extroverts like me just could’nt take it….!

Quarantine’s got talent

Hi,My name is Aleena and this is probably my first blog ever.Well,maybe some of you’ll might think that this is just another blog with the same boring topics, But even I’ve got to admit it ,sometimes even I feel the same.But I’ve started this blog out of my passion and love for writing,and yes some of the credit also goes to quarantine……!

So, as you’ll have seen my topic for today’s blog it is all about quarantine and how quarantine has made an impact on people,don’t worry…! it wont be as boring as it seems.So let’s start with our first topic QUARANTINE’S got talent…

People all around the world are now locked in their own houses and hence the term lockdown is now pinned on to all the people in today’s world.As people have nothing to do people have started taken efforts to display their hidden talent through various social media platforms like Youtube, TikTok (no pun intended)……..

It is said that the human body releases endorphins(happy hormones) by listening to music, and some apps like Smule, Starmaker have just encouraged people to present people in their own ways.social media platforms like these create an urge during these days in people to try new things…and not only music but many other activities like dancing,cooking,etc

So through my first blog i would like say to all of my readers, Whatever your passion was or is renew them and don’t just make this a Quarantine…. but make it “quarantine’s got talent”.